The Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild

The MCSG website has been completely rebuilt focusing on Search Engine Optimization (it went live Feb 2016, the SEO will take a while to reach its potential). Our goal is to get our members in front of homeowners looking for legitimate chimney sweeps and earn our members some $$$$. The website is going to be drawing major attention to the requirements of our State and showing our members as verified. This site is going to be advertised as the only site on the internet to be verifying companies to be legitimate chimney sweep and repair companies in Massachusetts.

We will have a search feature that allows people to search for a chimney sweep that services their area instead of the old way of a membership list (it seems our old zip code search feature never really worked well). This new way includes about 400 pages of Search Engine Optimized pages specifically for each city and town in Massachusetts,

Several people have asked, why don't we just use a map plugin with pins in it or a zip code search plugin. The answer is simple really. Those formats do nothing for Search Engine Optimization. One of the biggest reasons people want to be in the Guild is to get jobs and make money, and you can't get jobs from a website that doesn’t show up when people are searching for a chimney professional. People search for chimney professionals by using the keywords "(town) chimney sweep" one of the best ways to be highly relevant is to have an individual dedicated page for each town. We do not want people to have to specifically search for our "MCSG" organization in order to find you, because quite frankly they are not doing that, and that's the way it was setup before, and it wasn't getting any of us much work, this way will get you the $$$$ you want from being a member. It was a big undertaking to build the website this way but members are already starting to see the benefits / $$$$.

Our goal is to reach people searching for a "chimney sweep" and have our page come up very high on search engine ranking, with our link high on the search engine page our link will open right to our site's dedicated town page for the town that they are looking for a chimney sweep. That translates into real jobs and money for our membership. Also, and most importantly, your own website's SEO will be better, because each town page that links to you from the MCSG site will help your website’s search engine results, because a page with header tags dedicated to those keywords will show you as a direct link. Content is planned to be updated regularly on the new website, so content is always needed, if you are interested in submitting content for the website, please feel free to contact me anytime.


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