The Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild

I accept and acknowledge that membership in the Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild carries with it certain responsibilities and obligations. In this regard, all in my firm and I pledge the following:

I accept the responsibility of cultivating by perception

and example in my service community the enlightened

use of solid-fuel heating appliances and of developing

in my clients as well as the general public a respect for

safety in the installation, operation and maintenance of

all combustion appliances and their venting systems.  

I agree to conduct business in a decent, respectful and

professional manner and to continually update and

expand the knowledge, skill and technique of myself and

of my entire staff.

I agree to run my company in compliance with all codes and regulations applicable to the chimney industry in our service areas and I agree to clean and inspect chimneys by the professional standards set for the chimney industry in NFPA 211.

I accept my role as a well informed and articulate professional. I agree to represent my company in an honest and fair manner, refrain from engaging in deceptive practices or making any deceptive statements and will admit openly when I am unsure of the proper course to follow.  I endeavor to develop a respect for precision and accuracy in performing my duties and to ensure to the best of my knowledge and ability that all I have claimed to do has been done.  

I endorse the use of liability insurance to assure protection for my clients, my business and myself.  

I dedicate myself to these principles, confident in the belief that professionalism and honesty ultimately will prevail in the free marketplace. I understand that failure to abide by these ethical obligations is a violation of MCSG policy and may result in disciplinary action. I agree to hold harmless the MCSG organization and its officers from any liability including but not limited to liability resulting from any disciplinary and or legal action taken against me and or my company.

Chimney Sweep Silhouette

The chimney professional often relishes the quiet solitude and harmony of nature afforded by his profession

The Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild's Code of Ethics