The Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild

The Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild is a registered non-profit organization. Massachusetts residents can use this website at NO CHARGE to search for verified, certified / licensed and insured chimney contractors with good reputations. No where else on the web are all the specific requirements of running a legitimate chimney business in MA verified other than on this website. Here are some more good reasons to use an MCSG member company:

Members must sign a Code of Ethics every year and are subject to review by our grievance committee if a consumer complaint arises.

All member companies are required to have at least one technician certified with a professional certification that demonstrates that they have competince and knowledge in the field of chimney and venting and they must maintain that certification (a certification exemption exists for those certified for a minimum of 10 years but have a MA. Construction Supervisors license that requires continuing education).

Members continue to be educated in all aspects of industry developments and products through our member information network as well as technical seminars and workshops.

The Mass. Chimney Sweep Guild supports our communities by offering educational classes and public safety announcements. We cooperate on initiatives with other State and Federal organizations such as local fire departments, the MA Attorney General's Office, OSHA and the Department of Public Safety.

It has always been a requirement in our "Code of Ethics" that our members must have liability insurance.

Every member must comply with national, state or local building and fire safety codes on every job.

The MCSG requires that our members who do constructive or repair work to chimneys must annually demonstrate that they have the legally required licenses to perform such work in the State of Massachusetts Such as an MA HIC (Home Improvement Contractor) Registration and a MA CS (Construction Supervisor's) License.

Also, since the State of Massachusetts requires companies that have employees to have worker's compensation insurance, when using this website to select a member company you can see what coverage that company has shown (annually) to the MCSG. It could be coverage for employees or if you are hiring an exempt sole proprieter (which means they may be legally with or without coverage in the State of MA - something for homeowners to consider when choosing a company).


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Hear what Massachusetts residents say about MCSG members:

"I was telemarketed by a company with a really low chimney sweep price (so low I should have know better). They told me they were local, fully licensed and insured (they were not local and even had a NY license plate on their van and later I found out that they are not licensed or insured). They told me they couldn't sweep my chimney because my chimney liner needed replacement for my heating system and that I was in serious danger of CO poisoning. I paid them $3000 to replace my chimney liner. After they left, my CO detector started going off. I could not contact them as their phone number did not go to them, I then contacted an MCSG member who then came out and removed the improperly installed low quality liner and after video inspectiong the chimney told me my original tile liner was fine and in great shape! I never even needed a liner! Thank you MCSG for helping me find the "good guys".

Robert S.

Natick, MA.

A registered non-profit organization

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"My wife found a MCSG member via your website after I had, what I will call an imperfect experience with another chimney sweeper. Let's just say the MCSG member was much more pleasant than the other sweep. I have been using that same MSCG member company now every year for about a decade. I was so sad when he retired last year. I thought I would never find a company as nice. I tried another MCSG member company and let me say, I am so happy to have found another great chimney sweep! In my experience, the MCSG really attracts the better companies that are true gentlemen and they keep the "riff-raff" out."

Walter D.

Rowley, MA.

Why use the MCSG website to find your chimney sweep ?

MA Gov. Workers Compenstion Insurance Verification Site

MA Gov. HIC Registration Verification Site

MA Gov. CSL Verification Site

Important note: Although the MCSG annually verifies licenses and insurances of member companies, it is very possible that insurance coverage and licensure could lapse without the MCSG being aware of it. It is always the homeowners responsibility, before hiring any company, to perform any repair work, to obtain a certificate of insurance from the chimney company's insurance agent (listing both worker's compensation coverage and liability insurance coverage). Homeowners should always obtain a copy of the license numbers for the company and job foreman - ex. the company's Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractors registration (HIC) and the job foreman's Massachusetts Construction Supervisor's licence (CSL). Please use the following links (above) to help verify any contractor before hiring them.